Director of Arteas Antiquities Department

At the age of 13 years, Laura Bosc de Ganay saw its first Egyptian collection in Paris and immediately had this vision: to work with the Egyptian antiquities.

Dealer and antiques expert since 2003, fascinated by Egyptian art, but also Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian art, IADAA warmly welcomed him in 2008.

Working across Europe, mobile and flexible, her primary concern is helping collectors find and store antiques that match their taste and temperament. She chose not to open a gallery and to receive only by appointment to be free, though she prefers to exhibit in international fairs.


Photographer by passion, contemplative born, he never ceases to marvel at what nature and history leave us in hand, if we take the time to look.

The photograph can express many it sublime words, and sometimes can even do without words! Sometimes it fixes the moment, or rather reveals that the time does not allow us to see. Edouard lingers on nearby landscapes or distant, open spaces and beautiful natural moments. Voluntarily, it excludes any human presence.

Without exaggeration, it allows readers to question their relationship with their environment,